Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Morning Come Down

Scott, Sarah, Andy, and I gathered this morning with a shared feeling of joy over last night's decadence. The pulled beef that Sarah prepared was heavy in our stomaches and Andy's birthday drunk could only be cured by coffee. We sauntered to Twigg's to grab a hot cup and then we basically just hung out at home, enjoying some hair-of-the-dog and riding bikes in the street.

Somewhere around 3pm we rode down to Balboa Park to check out some jumps that Scott knew about. They were pretty fun, so Scott and I rode them for a bit.

Scott was demo'ing a Jamis Parker from his shop, which broke at the chainstay during our session. I let him get a few runs in on my GIANT Reign X1, which has been bombproof thus far.

We made our way home and then had dinner nearby at Chevy's Mexican Grill. Sarah works for the corporate office, so our dinner was complimentary. It was the perfect meal to end our weekend of over indulgence.


beth said...

bummed i didn't make it out. those $5 specials at the ruby room knocked me flat. maybe this weekend the richmonders will hit it up!

Butch Greene said...

ah yes, one more reason to avoid buying the Bam II, no matter how nice it's speced.

WheelEstate said...

Got the blog up! I linked you on my page show me link-love.