Sunday, May 31, 2015

James River Float

Paul invited me along for a float on the James to celebrate his birthday, so I loaded up Ruprecht & the canoe for a day in the sun. Most of Paul's tubing crew was fried from the previous night's partying, but Phil, in town for HIS OWN bachelor party, joined us on the water. And, as always, Eryn rounded out our modest squad of five.

 photo Ruprecht-01_zpsyxukkyfo.jpg

With four boats and zero tubes, we skated down the river - all the while Ruprecht jumping ship to cool off, swim, and eat the rapids.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Snowshoe / Slatyfork - another DH/XC Epic!

 photo Fire_Tower-01_zpswr3wgou8.jpg

Nearly every time we visit Snowshoe, I leave with the urge to come back for some cross-country riding. Since last summer's Shenandoah 100 Epic, we haven't bothered schlepping two sets of bikes to the mountains. What a killer weekend it makes, though, when you do!

 photo Jeep-01_zpstojezjnh.jpg

Joey scored a Swagman hitch rack on Craigslist, which worked surprisingly well with four bulky rigs.

 photo Parking_Lot-01_zpsomzjmeoj.jpg

The incentive to load up all the gear was that Luke and Sean would meet us for one day of the XC portion of the extended weekend. That way, Joey and I could ride DH at Snowshoe on Saturday, XC in Slatyfork with Sean and Luke on Sunday, then another day of XC on Snowshoe's singletrack on Memorial Day. All the makings of an epic weekend!

 photo Scenic-01_zpsnfuyzfm6.jpg

Recent summers have been exquisite at Snowshoe; a stark contrast to the rain-soaked seasons we've experienced in the past.

 photo Road_Gap-01_zpsh73dlwag.jpg

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Merchant's Millpond (North Carolina)

Last summer Rebecca and I discovered a true gem - Merchant's Millpond within the Great Dismal Swamp. It's an eerie, enchanted atmosphere that seems unique anywhere I've ever been.

 photo Group-02_zpsp8udqewn.jpg

This time around, we invited four friends along for the adventure down Bennett's Creek.

 photo Ryan_Lauren-03_zps9qcgpwvk.jpg

The water level was down significantly, but luckily we planned the trip early enough in the season to avoid the mosquitos that must love the slow, stagnant flow of the creek.

 photo Paddling-01_zpsolafxoh9.jpg