Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Iron Mountain (Poway, CA)

IRON MOUNTAIN! Sounds intense, huh? was.

It's an out-and-back only 30 minutes from Andy's house. Remember when I said I had to drive Andy to the airport? Well that's why I drove his Tundra to the trails. I'm so stoked to have such great people to stay with in California!

Anyway, the trail is short, only about 3 miles [one way], but it's pretty rocky and steep.

I had to walk some of the uphill, but most of it kept me entertained and excited that I'd be ripping down it soon enough.

About one and a half miles in I saw a sign for HELIPAD, so I took a detour to check it out. It was a tiny little pad in a pretty BURLY environment, but hey, it'd work I guess.

After I took the first photo I heard a helicopter approaching...

...but it kept going, luckily.

Once at the peak, I hung out for a bit just to cool down. The sun was BEATING down so I chilled and snapped that "glamour shot" you saw earlier.

Anywho - The ride down was great! The rocky areas were super technical and I realized quickly that I couldn't just let the brakes go when I ran off course and got a flat.

The rest felt great! I was able to cruise at a comfortable speed and pick my line from that point on. It's real busy there - no other bikes, just tons of hikers and people walking dogs, so it was nice just maintaining control instead of racing myself to the bottom. I'd tear down the trail and they could hear me, so they'd usually scoot over and just watch me come down - you know, rooting me on and shit. It was tight.

When I returned home there was a strange mist creeping in the open door. Not smog and certainly non-toxic, but familiar nonetheless.


evan said...

Ive seen that same looming fog. check out my blog at

Dennis Throckmorton said...

Damn. I wonder how many people go to "sweetbus" instead of "sweetschoolbus" and are seriously confused.

Michael Jagger said...

Dude with a body like that, how can you ride anywhere besides "IRON MOUNTAIN?"