Sunday, January 11, 2009

Martha's Grove (San Diego, CA)

Andy got a new hardtail Yeti a few weeks ago and today was his first ride on the new rig.

The ride was more of a cross-country trail instead of our usual freeride/downhill session. After taking the dogs to the Ocean Beach Dogpark, we headed over to the trails.

The heat was on! About 78 degrees right now as I write this post, and it was even hotter earlier. Yeah, I know, what a crybaby right? The ride was cool though. We couldn't find our way that well since the area is basically surrounded by a military training area. If you wander into their territory they're allowed to shoot first and ask questions later. Needless to say, this was as close to the border as we ventured.

Since we kept running into dead ends, our ride was fairly short. The run down the ridgeline was a blast though, even if it was on a fire road. After we got back to the truck we searched for the closest 7-11 and pounded a couple HUGE slurpees to cool down after the hot ride.

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