Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dirt Jumps & Anderson

Headed out early this morning with four people and five bikes. Our crew consisted of Scott, Andy, Ashton, and myself. We hit the dirt jumps near Best Buy first. Scott was tearing it up right off the bat, eventually clearing the entire line. I was having trouble with the first jump for a bit, but ultimately got the hang of it and even went for the second double (didn't reach the landing though).

Got a short clip of Scott clearing the entire line:

Andy shot photos for a bit, then grabbed his BMX and started hucking off the first lip. Reaching the landing took some practice, but he too figured it out and started focusing on the second set, which he nailed.

We met another rider there named Richard, who was visiting San Diego from LA. He was more of a street rider, rocking a brakeless BMX, and his style in the air was evident. The landing evaded him also, but in time he reached that tall berm.

After our session at the Best Buy jumps we headed for Anderson Truck Trail. Since we had only two mountain bikes, Andy and I paired off with Scott and Ashton to shuttle the trail twice. Andy and Ashton went first.

This was Andy's first ride on his new bike, but he adapted to it quickly and even dropped the feature that broke his last frame. Ashton was completely new to mountain biking, my bike, and the trail; but after a couple spills and encouraging words from Andy, he got the hang of it and managed to ride one of the most challenging trails out here.

Scott and I picked up those two and then started our descent. Scott was the big man at the dirt jumps, but I got to lead him into my domain at Anderson. In usual Scott steeze, he conquered it all and cleared the trail with no problem. As we loaded up the truck and drove home, the sun was dropping below the horizon - just another day in paradise.


Sara D'Eugenio said...

In the last picture, at a glance, I thought the rocks were wild animals like giraffe and lions.

Dennis Throckmorton said...

Well there are mountain lions out here, but no real lions.

evan said...

Dea! no shortage of riding spots out there eh?