Saturday, January 17, 2009

Park riding, Surf watching, Mountain biking

We got an early start to our Saturday - 6am. Apparently all of the skatepark attendants were laid off due to the recession, so previous "skateboard only" parks are wide open to whatever. We decided to go early to have the park to ourselves, but had to jump the fences since the park wasn't open yet.

Andy and Scott ripped it up for awhile and then we headed to Ocean Beach to get some breakfast. We ate at the Pier Cafe and got to see some surfers catching some pretty epic waves on our way there and back.

After relaxing at home for a bit, Andy and I headed to Noble Canyon, about an hour's drive from San Diego. The ride was about eighteen miles, we'd estimate, and offers some rolling, beautiful singletrack. It's a change from the usual mini-DH that you'd find at other trails, but did have one great stretch of blisteringly fast trail into the bottom of the Indian Creek Valley.

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