Sunday, July 30, 2017

Chickahominy River (Lanexa, VA)

With my previous board beginning to delaminate and take on water, it was time to retire it for a new one. Once the Hyperlite Franchise board and Remix bindings were in, I was itching to get onto the water to test them out.

Even though we had minimal weight in the boat, the board performed well - giving me decent pop off the less-than-superb wake. I can't wait to try it out once we load the interior with friends!

One of the highlights of the trip was the fact that we took the motorcycle there. Rebecca and I strapped the board in place of the center box and it actually worked rather well. We took Route 5 as far a Charles City Courthouse, then north along 151 to Providence Forge. The stretch on Route 5 is beside the Virginia Capital Trail, passing vineyards and old plantations along the way.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

James River (Buchanan, VA)

For my friend Jeremy's birthday he decided a float on the James River would be best. He works as a chef in Charlottesville, VA and his schedule allowed him the chance to celebrate on the actual date - which turned out to be a Wednesday. Since the rest of us have nine-to-five's, finding participants was a challenge and the group for this outing ended up being Jeremy, his father, and myself.

Now that I've sold the Jeep, I have no way of carting my canoe, so Jeremy's father Stan transported the boat for me while I rode the motorcycle to Buchanan, VA. I took the direct [but slower] route of 360/460 while Stan took the highway to scoop Jeremy. Our timing was perfect - arriving at the take-out at nearly exactly the same time. I left my motorcycle there and we drove to the put-in together.

The fish weren't biting that day, but that didn't keep Jeremy and Stan from trying.

The float lasted about four hours, passing under I-81 near the terminus and giving us an auditory cue to press on.

When we reached the Buchanan Boat Ramp I rode my motorcycle to retrieve the truck. Once loaded, Stan delivered me to the moto and we each set off independently for home.

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