Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anderson Truck Trail (Alpine, CA)

Andy arrived at the airport this afternoon at 12:45pm. I decided to load up his truck with our gear and my bike and see if he'd want to take a shuttle run on Anderson Truck Trail when I picked him up - of course he was glad to get a run in.

We grabbed a bite to eat on the way at the In-N-Out Burger and then headed to the top of Anderson. I went first while Andy drove to the base to meet me there. Those trails are my favorite in the area - they've got berms, jumps, and rock drops all over the place.

When I got to the bottom, I threw the bike in the truck and we headed to the top again so Andy could get a run in. Since his bike is broken and we're still waiting for the replacement frame I let him take the run on my bike. I drove down to the base and about the same time Andy popped out of the trail. A great way to end what could have been just another weekday.


Metro said...

Sweet looking run dude. I can't hear about an In & out burger joint without thinking about Lebowski.


PS. Thanks for looking out for me grammar!

Dennis Throckmorton said...

Yeah, me neither. "We'll get some burgers, some brews. Our fucking troubles are OVER dude!"