Friday, June 22, 2018


I somehow have the strange luck of having my vehicle TOTALED about the time I'm preparing to sell it. Well, almost.

On Friday afternoon I sat at a traffic light, waiting for my turn. Once the light changed, I began to move along with the car beside me. For some reason, the driver slammed on her brakes, so I followed suit. A car was running the red, out of sight to me, but visible to the other driver. The offending vehicle struck the front of my Fiesta, but luckily that was all. If I'd just continued without noticing the other driver's halt, it might've been my driver-side that was struck. As it was, I walked away without a scratch and am soon to be awarded a check for the Fiesta (considered a total loss), which I'll use to help purchase the next adventure vehicle - a 2017 Subaru Crosstrek!

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Greenbrier River Trail (West Virginia)

Since our last trip, I bought a new bike for Rebecca and its geometry seems to have alleviated her hip pain. With that hurdle behind us, it was time to set our sights for the Greenbrier trail in hopes of redemption.

Our ride would take us from Cass to Seeberg - a total of about 37 miles.

Along the way we had the Greenbrier River as scenery, keeping our spirits high.

At one point, we reached a tunnel carved directly through rock.

An old water stop along the ride reminded us of the railway that created the route.

Near the completion of our ride, we stopped in Marlinton for lunch at DirtBean. After the break, we mounted the bikes again for that final push to Jack Horner's Corner in Seebert.

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