Saturday, September 7, 2019

UCI DH World Cup (Snowshoe, WV)

Aside from the US Open, I have never had the pleasure of spectating a professional downhill race. When my friends and I heard that the final round of this year's World Cup was coming to our home track at Snowshoe, we quickly made arrangements to meet there.

One group of friends stayed near the resort and the other in Slatyfork, at our favorite camping spot. I split my time between the two, rubbing elbows with the pros up top and slumming it in the woods each night.

The main event was Saturday's race. I decided I'd pack a backpack and cooler and watch the entire course from top to bottom. I ran into several friends along the track and had a great time hooting and hollering as the riders made their way down the gnarly course.

On Sunday, we decided to explore the abandoned strip mine just North of our campsite. It's beginning to return to nature, but the dark pools surrounding bare trees are a reminder of the scarring that occurred.

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