Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Dirt Jumps (Vista, CA)

While I was searching online for veggie oil "greasers" in San Diego I came across a guy in Vista, CA that mountain bikes also. Today I drove up to Vista to check out his vegetable oil conversion and the dirt jumps that he and his roommate have built behind their house.

I brought along Dignon too, so he could run around while we sessioned the jumps. There were two different lines to choose from. One started with a small lip that transitioned to a step down, then a left-handed berm which shot you to about a four foot tabletop. The other line began with a small berm, then two tabletops on a slight downhill, followed by a berm that shoots you out into the driveway.

This is all just the beginning stage of their build, since the lines need to be perfected and gradually transformed. There's also a lot of space, considering the unbelievable amount of jumps that I've seen Evan fit into half the square footage. I told Devin that I'd get Andy and Scott to come along the next time it rains for a day of building, which will probably turn into a great weekend of collaboration and cooking out.

Oh yeah, I completely faceplanted on my last run. Fortunately I always wear my full-face helmet (especially since the chin and visor took the entire impact). UNFORTUNATELY there's no video of the crash.

After I knocked the wind out of myself, Devin schooled me in a couple games of foosball and then I headed to Oceanside to see one of my cousins [that I've never met before]. When I got to the house she was still at the beach with her toddler, so I got to meet her husband first. He's a pro windsurfer and had a lot of interesting stories to share about living in California, travelling in and out of Mexico, and general "dude essentials." Jenna (my cousin) showed up soon after and I got to hang out with all three of them (don't forget the kiddie) for a bit before driving home to San Diego to wash my wounds.