Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Redwood National Forest

I woke from my nap at 1:30am (read: in da mornin'). The bus was packed, a pizza was in the oven, and I was loading my semi-drunk passengers onto the bus. I figured they'd be easy to motivate with the promise of pizza, more beer, and sleep. I, on the other hand, was lured by the pleasure of driving through two states in one day, mountain biking in Oregon, and not much sleep!

The first attraction was the Avenue of the Giants. The trees almost scare you when they first appear, lurking around every bend. One thing that surprised me was how much it felt like driving along a rock wall in the east. Some of the trees are large enough to create the inside wall of a long switchback. It feels comfortable and familiar, just like the granite walls of the appalachians. Then you remind yourself that it's a TREE and you're lucky to close your mouth before your head explodes! I mean, these things are HUGE!

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