Saturday, February 28, 2009

On the Road (San Francisco, CA)

My friends John and Lolita met me in San Diego and we hit the road on Wednesday. The drive was along the coast and offered some great stops on the way to Ventura. In Ventura I saw Mike one last time on the West Coast. We checked out the local shops and walked around Ventura for a while before grabbing a bite to eat at a Thai restaurant. After that we hung out with Mike and his girlfriend Galen at their place.

The next day we drove to Santa Cruz to catch a great sunset and walk along the shore before jumping in the bus and driving the rest of the way to San Francisco.

Adam and Garren live in Oakland and James and Travis flew in about the same time that we drove into town. We went to Radio, the bar where Garren works, our first night. The next day we did the touristy thing at the harbor.

Yesterday we drove to Sacramento to visit my buddy Whit and his wife Emily. Whit held a small bike swap the next morning at his frame building shop. Now we're back in Oakland and tomorrow night the bus will be heading to Salem, Oregon.

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Butch Greene said...

Hey...I just saw your calender and the Clemson DH race was moved back to April 4 FYI. It's a mini-DH so you won't miss too much. There were be plenty more to do than just that. for more info.