Monday, March 23, 2009

Asheville (North Carolina)

On Saturday Matt took me on a cross-country ride with a few of his friends. I always count on being exhausted after one of Matt's rides, since he excels in long climbs. I knew this would be an especially tough ride when I noticed that my bike was the heaviest of the group - probably by more than ten pounds.

The ride was great though! The climb was long, but not brutally technical or steep. I had to hike some of the sections, but the company was good and the sights made it all worth it.

The descent was stellar and my bike made up for its weight as it blasted through the rough, rocky trail.

There were a bunch of stream crossings, which supplied a quick challenge to cross.

At one point we crossed paths with a herd of horses. It was strange to see them there, saddled and clearly tamed, without a rider in sight.


Butch Greene said...

Where's that? Turkey Pen?

Dennis Throckmorton said...

Not 100% positive, but we started on Laurel and descended near Pilot.

tiburon said...

That was Laurel--> Sassafras--> Big Creek. It's in Mills River. Man that day ruled hard until Dennis got a ticket from that piece of shit ranger. I hope he contracts the pig lung.