Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Drive to Vail

Today we drove from Salt Lake City to Vail, CO. It was, in my opinion, the most scenic drive so far, and I seriously doubt that we'll see anything more beautiful in the rest of our travels.

Utah had giant mesas and long, flat expanses with perfectly clear skies above.

Colorado was much rockier and jagged. The difference was obvious as soon as we passed the border.

It's been a few days since I've ridden my mountain bike and every time I saw a drop off or great ridgeline I'd imagine myself flying down it on my Reign. There were fences bordering the shoulders along the entire drive, however, which made that almost impossible. We did find a small set of hills in the center median, so I pulled over immediately and pulled out the mountain bike.

Travis and I climbed up the slippery surface to the crest. The sand was like silt and it merely sat on top of a layer of slick dirt - almost muddy, but completely dry.

I mounted the bike and took off towards the cornice. I bunny-hopped at the edge and landed a little bit down the other side. It truly was tiny, but the runway was only about twenty feet long and the surface of that hill was impossible to control.

I tried it another time to see if I could go bigger, but a county sheriff pulled up when I reached the top, so I was a little rushed in my takeoff and I only had one foot clicked into the pedals [yeah, and I have clipless/flat crank bro's]. I hit the ground with my tires first, but I knew my head was next to land. It was like falling in snow though, with the full face and soft soil.

Speaking of snow, I'll be shredding the gnar for the next two days...sure am glad I brought the snowboard!

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