Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Got a Job!

Finally someone responded to my online application! I just left the interview for RGIS - an inventory collection company. It won't be the most interesting (or high-paying) job I've ever had, but it's work. The hours should be decent since I'll mainly be working before or after a retailer is open for business...that means I'll get to start my day early and get out with plenty of daylight left in the day.

I plan on living on the cheap though, so that I can save up for my big purchase just before the race season begins: an '09 GIANT Glory Downhill Bike!



Metro said...

Congrats on the job dude. I've been lussting that Giant DH bike for a while. I really dig the Maestro suspension and the Fox 40 just kicks ass! Pinch those dimes bro!

Happy new year too.


Anonymous said... better buy that real DH rig so you can keep up with the old man.
It would be sad If I kicked your ass all season long...
Being 40 too, will make it so much sweeter!!!