Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The New Year

Okay, so what have I learned from 2008 and where am I headed in '09? Well, in the past year I've:

- joined a mountain bike team and raced a full season
- bought the bus, converted it to vegetable oil, and taken tons of great trips
- moved to San Diego for the "offseason"

So where does that leave me and what should I shoot for in the coming year? I suppose I'd like to:

- stay on my bike and train for a downhill race season next summer
- get a job in San Diego so I can pay myself back for the drive here
- take an extended tour through the north on the way back to Richmond
- help Rowlett's become a mountain bike specialty store
- work towards becoming a personal trainer
- race downhill all summer long and cyclocross in the fall/winter
- stay in Richmond next winter, but make the most of the cold months

Nothing too hard I suppose. I'm looking forward to the future and will be much more at ease once I find a job. The rest seems like fun though, and I'm pretty satisfied with the way things are headed.

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