Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Elfin Forest

Drove to Carlsbad today to hang out with Tony and Eva for Christmas and whatnot. I brought along Andy's Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC and went riding at Elfin Forest with Tony. It was an out-and-back ride up a rocky doubletrack. The climb was short but brutal so we walked a fair amount of it.

The ride down was great! I let one of the dogs come along, but she was starting to slow on the descent and we had to stop and wait every hundred yards or so. We walked back up some sections and sessioned the rock gardens while waiting for Gracie (the dog).

A few minutes later we reached the bottom and loaded up the bus with dogs and bikes. Now we're at Eva's folks house and tomorrow we'll be driving to Ventura, where I look forward to riding with Mike King. Oh yeah, I drove the bus on vegetable oil today...and it worked great!

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