Friday, February 13, 2009

Trolley Tour

After I swapped out my busted camera for a new one (which was a complete pain in the ass), I hopped on the MTS Trolley and headed south. I rode down to the border of Mexico, walked around for a bit to check it out, then boarded the trolley heading north, stopping anywhere that seemed interesting.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the sights along the trolley tracks are really not that spectacular. I'm sure there's plenty that I just didn't discover, but it seemed to just get poorer and dirtier as I went south. I did snap a few photos of some local graffiti when I was in Chula Vista, but the majority of my wandering occurred near San Diego. Not a complete bust, but less than I'd expected from the Tijuana area.

Today I'm busy planning the trip back on the TomTom. I'm also trying to find veggie oil hookups in some of the cities that we'll be visiting. The drive back will be over 5,000 miles, so I hope to fill up [on veggie oil] at least four times, reducing our diesel-only miles to about 3,600.

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Tyler Grove said...

dude... on your way back send me an email... hickory NC... there is oil in asheville nc w.t.grove at gmail