Saturday, February 21, 2009

San Juan Capistrano

After a rough day of nonstop flat tires on Anderson Truck Trail, Andy and I decided to reward ourselves with a trip to San Juan Capistrano. At the base of the trail we met some riders that were about to shuttle the trail, so we hopped in their truck and rode up to the top of the mountain. I really enjoyed the climb last time we were there, but the shuttle allowed us to cover some additional trail that isn't available on the out-and-back route.

Before the main descent we hung out and talked to a few other riders for a bit. By the time we were all ready to descend, there were six or seven of us, so we staggered our start. I headed off first and decided to ride nonstop to the bottom. The downhill is pretty long and offers some areas of uphill effort, so tying it all into one run was fairly tiring. I'm not sure how long it actually took, but it felt like thirty minutes or so. Once I hit the parking lot at the base, I waited for the next rider behind me. It was Andy. He'd picked off a few of the other guys and made it out of the woods in second place. Even with a staggered start, he wasn't far behind me.

The next day I headed off for Hawaii...

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