Saturday, February 7, 2009

Noble Canyon

The forecast for this weekend wasn't promising, but Andy and I decided to try our luck at Noble Canyon. There were spots of rain during the drive, but still a chance of riding lured us on.

When we got there, however, the rain had turned to snow. The temperature dropped from a chili 56 degrees to a downright cold 34. We just drove around for a bit to take in the sights, but our day of riding was definitely not happening.

Click on the pano [twice] to check it out in full size - the thumbnail just doesn't do it justice.


Hack said...

Little early eh? I rode Noble in 07 and it was really cool.

Let me know when you get to Portland and we could take you for a ride in the Gorge or sompin.


Dennis Throckmorton said...

sure thing. send me an email since i didn't see a way to contact through your blogger profile.

Metro said...

You didn't ride in the snow? WTF? Are you going soft in Cali? Snow rides are the shiznit I had to wait from October to Jan. to get one in out here.

Looks like some great riding though.