Saturday, March 12, 2016

Downhill Southeast Round 2 - Windrock OHV Park
(Oliver Springs, TN)

The last time we visited Windrock was in 2010. The community of riders has kept the trail network there in good shape and continually improved upon them. It's still one of the most challenging courses I've ridden.

This race weekend was another excellent time.

Photo by ALM Photo.

On Saturday the conditions were great and every practice run seemed to improve upon the last. Shuttles were in quick succession and by the end of the day I'd logged over a dozen runs. We all had in the back of our minds, however, that the rain was on its way.

The next day the course had been transformed to a greasy, muddy chute. All of the riders did their best to cope, but it seemed we'd need to throw out our strategies from the previous day in exchange for simply surviving. The best strategy turned out to be one of patience and careful navigation. I wasn't complaining, though - muddy conditions make for some fun runs and epic stories.

While in the area, Rebecca and I stayed with our friends in Knoxville, TN. They live literally on the top of a mountain and have the most beautiful views available to them every day.

The four of us visited Gatlinburg for dinner and took a stroll down the strip to take in the sights and sounds. The Ole Smoky Distillery even had a bluegrass band on stage while we breezed through.

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