Monday, October 25, 2010

Windrock (Tennessee)

Our trip to Windrock was a real eye opener. The trails there are phenomenal! Largely natural terrain with an extremely high level of risk and technicality. It's as if the trail builders tied trail between the gnarliest rock piles they could find as they scouted out the path for their trails. They're really impressive and definitely some trails that will leave riders challenged for years.

The weekend marked the end-of-season for this system of shuttle-accessed trails. There were two trucks pulling trailers filled with riders all weekend long. The trails are located on the Coal Creek OHV Park in Oliver Springs, TN. The company allows access for a small fee and offers trails for ATV's and large trucks. The mountain bike trails were available after local riders approached Coal Creek about building on their property. It's a lucky relationship that worked out for both parties.

On Saturday night we even got to watch a Mud Bog at the park.

The only bummer of the trip was my wreck on Sunday afternoon. We were lucky that it happened on literally the last run of our trip, however, since it taco-ed my front wheel and left me unable to ride anymore. Other than that mishap, the trip was great and I think everyone on the trip would be glad to revisit the park next summer.


Butch Greene said...

had you jinxed yourself before the run by uttering the words "One more run"?

Good seeing you guys there! Pisgah awaits.

Dennis Throckmorton said...

No way dude - always room for TWO more runs. After Joey walked my broken bike to the bus he took another run, so yeah, definitely not the actual "last run."