Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sherando Lake

Just returned from another great shuttle trip! This weekend Sean, Joey, and I drove to Sherando Lake to get a few runs on Torrey Ridge, Kennedy Ridge, Slacks, and White Rock Gap trails.

The weather forecast was grim - rain expected throughout the weekend. Our luck triumphed once again, however, and we only had rain at night, which burnt off early on Saturday morning to reveal blue skies and comfortable temperatures. This weekend we stayed at low elevation also, which meant much warmer temps while we camped.

Our plan on Saturday was to take turns driving the jeep, while the other two rode the trails. That meant two runs for each rider after three quick shuttles to Torrey Ridge. Unfortunately, Joey and I both wrecked during our runs. Joey caught the worst of it, though, when he bruised his ankle after being pitched over the front of his bike. To add insult to injury, he smacked a tree limb with his eye a little further down the trail, which ended his day of riding. We decided to break for lunch and then shuttle Kennedy Ridge via offroad trails. Since Joey was unable to ride for the remainder of the day, he volunteered to drive Sean and me to the top. The drive up was pretty epic - rocky terrain and several water crossings - all the while with two bikes strapped to the rear rack.

Sherando from dennis throckmorton on Vimeo.

The drive to the top took a while and we were losing light, so Sean and I quickly grabbed our gear and headed down the trail. The Kennedy Ridge trails were mainly fire road with some bits of singletrack mixed in. We flew down the wide-open sections and made it back to camp in no time. After a full day of riding, we relaxed by the fire and celebrated a great weekend of riding. The next morning we packed up and headed home.

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