Monday, April 19, 2010

Flagpole Knob

This weekend marked the first mountain bike trip of the season. We left Richmond on Friday night and met up with John and Robin at our campsite. The wind was nonstop the entire weekend, which made the brisk temperature feel even more chilling. We had a great campsite though, aided by the ultimate convenience of having John's offroad trailer to use as our kitchen. John's got a pretty dope setup. A Jeep CJ pulling a stout offroad trailer, which holds most of the essentials and one very fun toy - a 1980 enduro motorcycle. I'm definitely jealous.

On Saturday we took a run on a scorching downhill trail to Hone Quarry, where we were met by Rachel, Robin, and John. When we returned to the top of the mountain, we were met by Nick, who'd driven from DC to ride with us. After lunch we took another run. This time we set out for a longer route, which turned out to be a bit more hiking than riding as we followed the ridgeline on a "tour de knobs." The last section of the trail was all downhill, however, and a real scorcher at that.

The next day we packed up camp and took two runs on our way out of the area. One was similar to our first ride, which dropped us again at Hone Quarry. It had it all - narrow singletrack, loose rock gardens, and fast, wide-open sections. A great way to cap off the weekend. One more quick run near Second Mountain topped off the weekend and soon we were on our way home.

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