Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ready to Race!

After nearly eight months of waiting, my new 2010 Glory has arrived! It couldn't have come at a better time with the first race of the season only one month away. That should leave enough time to break-in the bike and get a couple of rides on the new setup before the Massanutten Yeeha.

The new frame is drastically lighter than its '09 predecessor. With nearly the same build as last year, minus some lighter rims and tires, the new Glory weighed in at 37.3lbs - over 6 pounds lighter than last year's bike! It's going to be a great season.


Metro said...


Did it include another fridge sized box?


Dennis Throckmorton said...

I kept my parts from the last bike and just got a frameset this year. My buddy got the complete, however, and that showed up in another HUGE box.

Butch Greene said...

That should ease the burden on the ole' transmission somewhat. See you at Massanutten. Keep an eye out for an Oakley jersey & green Turner DHR/White TLD w/ 2 red stripes.

Dennis Throckmorton said...

Good deal. If you see the bus make sure to come by and say hi.