Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dirt Rag Dirt Fest (Raystown Lake, PA)

After last year's event was rained out, I was eager to get back to Raystown Lake in order to receive my fair share of time on their trails. I was delighted to find agreeable conditions all three days of my time there.

Camping accommodations fill quickly at the Susquehannock sites, but I was lucky to find the nearby Trough Creek State Park only about 45 minutes away from the venue.

It was actually one of the highlights of the trip, with hiking trails and the beautiful creek to explore.

This year I rode three consecutive days - testing the trails on A Giant Trance, Yeti SB5, Transition Throttle, Evil Wreckoning, and Pivot Firebird. I'm quite happy with my Canfield Nimble9, so I wasn't riding with the intent of buying. Still, it was fun testing my hand at new suspension designs and the 1x12 gearing that most new rides have adopted. Although I didn't stay within the same "range" of models, the clear favorite was the Evil Wreckoning. What I like most about my Nimble9 is that it hides the fact that it rolls on 29" wheels, still providing a quick, snappy feel in the corners. This attribute seemed present in The Wreckoning also - and it did so with 160mm of travel front and rear.

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