Saturday, April 2, 2016

The next [big] adventure

I pick up my new bike tomorrow from Gainesville, VA and already I've begun planning the epic trip which inspired its purchase. I found some great online resources to design my route from Richmond to Austin. Along the way, I'm hoping to spend at least a portion of the journey on gravel or dirt. The Sunday Morning Ride is quickly building a collection of offroad rides by state. As far as I can tell, their reports are fueled by readers, so it will continue to grow as the site gains popularity. I scoured their lists to find loops which I'll merely run in one direction along my route to Texas.

Since I prefer to spend my nights in the hammock instead of a bed, I used the FreeCampsites map to narrow down a site at each of my nightly stops - one in the Chattahoochie Nat'l Forest and the other in the Homochitto Nat'l Forest.

This map doesn't show the spots where I rerouted for more rural roads (like the Natchez Trail and the Tail of the Dragon), but it does illustrate the main destinations.

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