Sunday, October 28, 2018

Moonshiner's Enduro (Blue Ridge School, VA)

Photo by Jack Looney.

Over the years I've taken part in XC and DH mountain bike events, but this weekend marked my first experience competing in an Enduro Mountain Bike race. The verdict: THIS is the way it should be! The format of Enduro is simple - you're fitted with a transponder to log your time into and out of stages. Between stages you can determine your own pace, allowing riders to enjoy the feel of simply being out in the woods with friends for the day. I was delighted with my introduction to this format and will certainly sign up for more events next season.

Perhaps the best part of this race was the trail network that supported it. The trails at The Blue Ridge School are phenomenal! The arrangement of stages was great, too, highlighting some of the best segments of trails in five stages overall.

Photo by Jack Looney.

The atmosphere on the trails and at the timing/registration area was great. Upon completing the race, riders were greeted with burgers and brews. After receiving transponders, the results were quickly tallied and the podiums announced. I experienced one hiccup, as my results were not recorded somehow, but I've contacted the timing crew and will hopefully iron out that kink.


The missing transponder was added to the results and I actually bumped the time-keeper (who was in my category) off the podium! I came in fifth place and he in sixth. What are the chances of that?!!

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