Saturday, June 24, 2017

Massanutten (Virginia)

Since the last round of the DHSE Series, I haven't been out on the DH bike. In a way, I'm glad to return to a bit more of the XC riding in order to improve my stamina & strength. In fact, this weekend I brought along both bikes to get some XC in at Preddy Creek as well as a sampling of the western slope trails at Massanutten.

On Friday night I rode at Preddy Creek before staying with a friend in Charlottesville. The next morning I finished the drive to Massanutten and met another friend, Matt, for runs at the park. I spent the majority of my time on their jump trail, Creamy.

That night I stayed at the Swift Run Campground in Elkton. I was pleased to find out that it was karaoke night, with the faint sounds of folk country tunes in the distance as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I drove to the ridge overlooking Massanutten Resort. I took the Pink Loop for a short 4 mile circuit and was amazed by the technicality of the trails. It was a rocky paradise, challenging the rider to find the best line through a maze of boulders.

By the time I returned to the car, I was fairly spent, but forced myself to get back on the DH bike in order to ride with yet another buddy, Charlie. He and his friend Conner joined me for a few laps down Creamy and the World Cup Course before I loaded up and headed home.

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