Saturday, October 15, 2016

Big Bear Lake Fall Funduro (Bruceton Mills, WV)

My first experience riding a Dirt Rag event was the Dirt Fest - which was stellar despite the fact that it was basically rained out completely. When I caught wind of another event to close out the season, I jumped at it!

This event was being held near Morgantown, WV - a region of the state I haven't spent much time, but hope to return to after seeing the terrain.

There were several group rides during the weekend. I chose to follow along on the advanced ride, hoping to see the best of what the area had to offer. The trails were a mix of technical climbs, rocky gnar, and features built by the local shredders.

That night Rebecca and I made some friends with nearby campers and cooked hobo-packs on the coals of their fire. The next morning we slept in until the bright sun forced us out of the tent, then packed up and headed to Cumberland, MD for breakfast on our way home.

Honestly, the chance to meet and ride with the locals was one of the highlights of the trip. Everyone we met was happy to spread the stoke, and riding some sick trails together is always and instant camaraderie builder.

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