Monday, July 4, 2016

Snowshoe (West Virginia)

After years of making the trek to Snowshoe, through the winding roads of West Virginia, I've been looking forward to experiencing those same corners on my motorcycle. The problem with this, however, is the inability of bringing along my DH bike. Luckily, my fantastic fiance Rebecca and trusted riding partner Joey were willing to schlep all of our gear so that Ian and I could ride our motos.

Ian and I set off Friday afternoon once the morning's rain had subsided. We took a leisurely route along Route 250 instead of Interstate 64. The ride was a bit longer, but put us in camp just before dark. After starting a fire and polishing off a few cold ones, we began to wonder when we'd see Rebecca and Joey. They'd both driven separately, but actually crossed paths on the fire road just before the campsite and arrived simultaneously.

The next morning we rode at Snowshoe - Rebecca took her XC bike to 6,000 Steps, while Ian, Joey, and I rode the park on DH rigs. The trail crew has been hard at work, as we noticed several improvements including a totally revamped road gap.

After her ride, Rebecca loaded up the dogs and pointed the Fiesta for home. Once we'd thoroughly exhausted ourselves, we said goodbye to Ian as he also headed back to Richmond.

Joey and I took the lift to Shavers Lake before heading towards Slatyfork to camp another night.

The next morning we brewed coffee and began to discuss the rest of our trip. The original plan was to ride at Timberline on Sunday, but the looming inclement weather kept us at Snowshoe until the drops began falling.

The ride home was a bit wet, but over by the time the heavy downfall set in.

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