Wednesday, August 28, 2013

North Anna Float (Doswell, VA)

When Joey and I purchased our season passes for Snowshoe this year, we were pleased to find that our passes also included three free days at Seven Springs (PA) and Mountain Creek (NJ). Duteously, Joey called ahead to confirm this with Seven Springs. He found out, however, that this didn’t include Saturdays, so we shortened our trip to a single day. This left me with one vital question – what to do on Saturday?

Immediately I remembered one crucial trip that we’d yet to make this summer…it was time to float the North Anna River! At the last minute, a group of eight friends agreed to meet the next morning to make the float. Along for the adventure were Rebecca, Alex, Jason, Mac, Virginia, Brett, Mark, and Catherine.

As usual, we had a slow start to the day and arrived at the put-in about an hour later than we’d hoped. Luckily for us, though, the water level was high and moving faster than I’d ever seen. The four-hour float that we’d expected flew by in just over two hours. The swift current also meant that the tubers scooted along just as quickly as the boats, avoiding the typical need for a tow rope.

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