Monday, October 10, 2011

Snowshoe (West Virginia)

This past weekend was Snowshoe's final weekend of summer operation. Now the resort will prepare for its winter season. It was a good chance to get out on the bike and say goodbye to another good summer of riding.

The bus had seven passengers for this trip [including two dogs] and we were met at the resort by Jarrod for Saturday's ride. The weather was phenomenal and the Fall colors were in full force.

We had a bit of mechanical difficulty when Krister's xLOC broke, which is designed to default to "lockout" on the front fork (a MAJOR design flaw, Rockshox!). It was a major pain in the ass, but he kept a smile on his face and rode the trails despite the hand-numbing vibrations and lack of suspension.

We finished up the trip with a quick dip in the Greenbriar River and a few scoops of ice cream in Cass, WV before heading home.

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