Monday, February 14, 2011

PATC Cabin (Charlottesville, VA)

Our original cabin from the PATC was pretty rustic. It was basically one room that we spent most of our time in, huddled around the wood stove for most of the duration. It was nice, though, just to be away from it all.

This time our cabin was surrounded by the UVA campus, but the cabin was much, much nicer. It was a lodge (called Dunlodge) to be exact, with all the amenities of home like running water and electricity. We chose this spot instead of the more rustic cabins since we wanted more people to feel comfortable going on the trip without the fear of "roughing it" the whole time.

We spent most of our time lounging around the cabin and its acre or so of land, putting in some effort to drink our keg for the weekend. It was a nice, relaxing time even though we weren't far from civilization. To get some of that feel, though, several of us slept outside in tents and hammocks.

Joey supplied entertainment on Saturday when he found a log that he dubbed "Thor's Hammer."

A short walk into the woods revealed a ropes course, so we spent some time climbing around and exploring the challenges. We even spotted a zipline, but had no way to test it out.

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