Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chickahominy River (New Kent, VA)

Since the age of, umm, well, since birth - I've been going to the Chickahominy River. A friend of my parents lives there and has always been glad to open his home, kitchen, dock, and boat to us.

Last summer we were so tied up with racing and riding that we didn't get to the river very often. This summer is certainly making up for lost time, though, as we've begun going once or twice a week, usually for the last few hours of sunlight after working all day. Well, enough of that sappy stuff - the photos:

Three interesting facts about my Dad:
1. He's 64
2. He can't swim
3. He's AWESOME on a slalom ski!

The boys from left to right: Payton, Ernie (Payton's Dad), Ray (My Dad), Me

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