Monday, February 15, 2010


The last time the bus was in Philadelphia, it was tagged in a matter of hours by some prick. Not to disappoint, Philly made sure to leave its stain on the bus once again. This time it was shit - human shit. Yes, some piece of shit TOOK A SHIT on the rear fender/wheel of the bus. It really didn't surprise me at all since it is, after all, the filthiest city in the country.


Not everything about Philly sucks though. We've got some great friends that are always down to party. Here's a photo from Saturday night's game of "spin the taser."


The main purpose for the trip was to take part in the Ballentine's Day Massacre. The snow and freezing temperatures were rough, but there was still a decent turnout for the event. The race was point-to-point with a huge list of scavenger hunt items that challenged the racers' creativity


We even got to visit FDR, which has become somewhat of a ritual.



Jocelyn Testes-Harder said...

I've seen a crackhead shitting in the 7-11 parking lot at Belvidere and Broad. We are in no position to point fingers at anyone.

Dennis Throckmorton said...

Hah! Yeah, I guess our city has its filth moments too.

天氣晴朗 said...

A good medicine tastes bitter. ....................................................