Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Snowshoe (West Virginia)

We really lucked out this past weekend. Some of our friends from Industry Nine in Asheville, NC rented a cabin that was perched almost directly under the lift on Snowshoe's Western Territory. It was a great change from our usual tent and campfire style.

We even had access to a hot tub after a long day of riding.

The riding was more relaxed and casual too, and the conditions were perfect. Rain fell on Friday as we drove to the mountains, but it stayed dry for the next two days, giving the trails a tackier, grippy feel.

Most of the locals knew the probable route for next weekend's race, so I was able to preride some of it ahead of time. Next weekend's race will feature three road gaps on the pro course. Only one of them was available to ride this weekend, but I could at least take a sneak peek at the other two. It'll definitely be a great race to watch, with the builders creating the most challenging course they've had in recent years.

Once the riding was over, we all packed up and headed to our respective homes - Asheville, NC and Richmond, VA. It was great seeing some familiar faces and meeting a few more. Once the race season draws to a close, there will definitely be a trip to Asheville to ride and hang with I9 crew.

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