Friday, July 12, 2019

Dirt Fest West Virginia (Bruceton Mills, WV)

After attending several Dirt Fests in Pennsylvania, this was my first official Dirt Fest in West Virginia. In the past, Rebecca and I had attended the Fall Funduro, which bore some similarities.

Another first for Dirt Fest was that I had my own bike, since this occurrence marked the end of my road trip to Vancouver. Usually, I've attended the festival with hopes of demo'ing bikes while there, which doesn't always work out (read: rain ruins everything!).

With that said, I was able to spend much more time on the saddle, joining group rides and tagging along with friends/vendors at the close of their "work day."

Although I do enjoy the trails at Raystown (Dirt Fest PA), I think WV is my favorite venue for the festival. There really is nothing better than the terrain that West Virginia has to offer.

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