Friday, January 1, 2016

Las Vegas / Grand Canyon / Zion Nat'l Park (Nevada/Arizona/Utah)

With the last few remaining days of leave that we had to spare before heading back to work, Rebecca and I decided to mark off one of our "bucket list" trips. After a few days of watching air fare and seeing no definite trend, we pulled the trigger and booked two tickets to Las Vegas. It's one of the cheaper hubs, and a good jumping-off-point for so many epic destinations.

Although the outdoor destinations were the real attraction on our trip, we did have a fun time taking in the sights of Las Vegas. We both agreed, however, that Old Vegas had much more style than the new version on the outskirts of downtown.

Fremont Street even had a Container Park filled with shops and restaurants. I've been ogling modular tiny homes lately, so seeing them used so well was inspirational.

The Grand Canyon was breathtaking! It's unbelievably vast - a sight that must be experienced in person.

The sights at the Grand Canyon were well worth the 4.5 hour drive, but Rebecca and I agreed that we'll have to make a return trip when we can dedicate several days to hiking/rafting/riding within the park.

The next destination was Zion National Park in Utah. I'd seen photos of the park, and had wanted to explore it first hand for awhile. In contrast to our trip to the Grand Canyon, we were able to explore on the ground-level of Zion. I found a spot to park and we bushwhacked to a suitable elevation to check out the beauty around us.

On our way to the Grand Canyon, we passed over the Hoover Dam. Because of the length of the drive, though, we had to leave in the early a.m. and couldn't see what lay below us. On our final day we had some time to spare, so we took a short drive to see what we'd driven past several times by that point.

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