Saturday, February 20, 2021

Canaan Valley Resort (WV)

After my first ride at Canaan Valley Resort, I just had to share the destination with my wife Rebecca!

Since she was visiting her family in Winchester, I drove there after work on Friday and we made a daytrip to Canaan on Saturday.

The snow had been falling consistently since my first visit and the slopes and glades runs had plenty more of the soft stuff to enjoy!

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Friday, January 29, 2021

Canaan Valley Resort State Park (West VA)

Since we had such a great time during our trip to Timberline earlier this month, I decided to return to the area to explore the neighboring resort, Canaan Valley Resort State Park.

Although a recent rain decimated some of the snowfall thus far, I still ventured into the more wooded runs. I had to be extremely careful, but still had a great time navigating over the light snow cover.

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Timberline Resort (Canaan Valley, WV)

My wife Rebecca and I have been to the Canaan Valley area several times to ride mountain bikes, but never before have we visited the region for wintersports.

Typically we think of Snowshoe Mountain as being our only option for snowboarding nearby, but we did some digging to find out that Timberline Mountain was recently purchased and invested in heavily for this season. With that, we decided to find a vacation rental home for the weekend and invited two couples who’d been diligent in keeping safe during the Covid pandemic to join us. The cabin that Rebecca found was perfect - it even included a hot tub to soak in after a long day on the slopes!

I was surprised to find even more natural snow here than at Snowshoe, opening up the ability to ride in the woods and along the side walls of the slopes. I don’t think I’ve had this option since riding out west and it was awesome to find some sneak lines through the trees!

Two out of our group were getting on the snow for the first time. One on skis and the other on a snowboard. The skis seemed to be the easiest to learn over the course of a weekend, so after the first day they were both getting the hang of it on a set of planks.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip that I’m sure we’ll be repeating in the future.

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Friday, January 8, 2021

MTV Sports!

A relic of my teenage years, this VHS has survived over 25 years of storage, moves, and even an attack by a faulty VCR!

It is with great pleasure that I present a series of episodes from MTV's famous series "MTV Sports!"

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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Kawasaki Rebuild

My goal for this winter: dive headlong into my Kawasaki 650sx to have a ready-to-ride, completely refurbished ski by next season. So far, so good.

Now that the engine is ready, I'll be turning my attention to the hull. I've already purchased footholds from Riva Racing, so I'll be doing some fiberglass work, followed by paint and new hydroturf. After that, it's time to reinstall the motor & a new bilge pump, then the ski will be set for a full season of ripping in the sun!

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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Christmas Tree Hunt (Monongahela National Forest)

Last year I discovered the ability to obtain a forest products permit specifically for individuals seeking Christmas trees from the Monongahela National Forest. Although it was too late to take advantage of then, I decided to give the process a try this year.

On my way west, I swung by Charlottesville to pick up my friend Jeremy. He was intrigued by the search for Christmas trees, so he obtained a pass as well and joined me on the trip.

Our activity for that afternoon was target shooting at the Bath County Shooting Range. Jeremy brought his shotgun and a .22 revolver, while I shot my XD-S 3.3 9mm.

After a quick session there, we hit the road with hopes of setting up camp before dark at Blowing Springs Campground.

Early (like 5am early!) the next morning we brewed coffee and struck our campsite before heading toward the Highland Scenic Highway where we planned on finding our trees. The road soon revealed itself to be completely covered with ice, but the Subaru did well to navigate the road, especially with its winter tires I'd wisely swapped two days before.

Within a couple minutes, we spotted two trees relatively close to each other and were soon trudging through the snow toward them. A simple bow saw was all it took to fell the trees, but considerable effort was expended to drag them back to the road. Once there, I wrapped mine in a moving blanket, cinching it with several cam-straps. Jeremy and I hoisted the tree to the roof, but almost immediately decided that TWO were not going to fit. With that revelation, we stashed his tree off to the side and decided he'd come back for it later.

Next, we pointed our sights toward Snowshoe Mountain where my friend Tony was set to meet me for a day on the snow.

Right on time, Tony and I rendezvoused and began shredding the slopes to kick-off the resort's opening weekend! Although east-coast resorts are primarily icy, we always seem to find plenty of soft stuff on the edges of the slopes. That was no different this time as we had a blast knocking off the cobwebs from last season.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Dollar Ride Day (Goochland, VA)

The riding in Goochland County is really improving. Our first glimpse into the new trails there was at Leakes Mill, and now a summer camp just a few minutes down the road is opening its land to the public for $5/day riding. They kicked off this new arrangement with a discounted rate to introduce the area.

For this ride, I invited my friends Lory and Ryan. Around 10am we met at the parking area, paid our $1, and set off. Lory had two other friends join us, one of which had already lapped the course and was willing to show us the ropes.

Although the ground was soft and slow where new trail had been cut, my overall impression of the trail network was positive. Once we reached the established trails the speeds increased and I know that it's only a matter of time until the new trails are compressed from use.

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