Monday, December 29, 2014

Johnson Cabin (Virginia)

Rebecca enjoyed Christmas with her family in Winchester while I spent the holiday in Richmond. The following day we met in Waynesboro and headed to our PATC cabin near Stanardsville, VA.

 photo Cabin_Jeep_Rebecca-01_zps50337a3e.jpg

The last time we stayed at a cabin nearby was our trip to Morris. That trip was snowy and cold, a drastic contrast to the unseasonably warm temperatures we enjoyed this time around. The sun felt so warm on Saturday that I braved the spring-fed tub between our cabin and Morris.

 photo Winston_Churchill_Tub_Dennis-01_zpsf361b32b.jpg

We let the dogs run alongside as we rode the Meadow Trail on Saturday afternoon, then headed back to the cabin to kick back and sip a few beers.

 photo Debecca-01_zpsc87d314d.jpg

Johnson is a small cabin, but absolutely perfect for a couple spending the weekend in the woods. The trip was brief, but was a perfect way to round out our extended holiday weekend.

 photo Pack_Jeep_Rebecca-01_zps280c2ed0.jpg


bobbi said...

Hello! I ran across your blog while searching. My boyfriend and i are thinking of a weekend at Johnson cabin. I was wondering if you could answer a couple questions about it? How close is it to the other cabin? It is secluded enough? Is there any body of water near or around? Could you drive your car to the cabin or did you have to hike in? Do you have any pictures of the inside?
would you recommend it?
thank you!

Dennis Throckmorton said...

Hello Bobbi,

Yes, I'd absolutely suggest it as probably the most romantic cabin for a couple. It isn't far from Morris Cabin [or Muttontop for that matter], but I felt perfectly secluded. You can drive to it if your vehicle can handle a steep climb up a semi-rutted fire road [read: HAS 4X4]. The spring-fed tub is the only water I am aware of, though.